About us

A pioneer in Lean Six Sigma

The Lean Six Sigma Company started almost 18 years ago in Rotterdam in The Netherlands. During this time we have provided our services to hundreds of organisations and trained thousands of participants in becoming Lean Six Sigma professionals. Today we are located in 20 countries and four continents.

Our ambition is to facilitate organisations to excel in what they do.  We do this by training our delegates in becoming skilled Lean Six Sigma professionals. Furthermore, we offer our active support to organisations in implementing Lean Six Sigma programmes. Our focus is on knowledge transfer through training, workshops, and coaching.

The Lean Six Sigma Company believes that completing our Lean Six Sigma training should be something special and add an extra benefit. 

Close collaboration with universities across the World

By cooperating with universities and colleges across the globe (e.g. Paris, France / London, England / Ghent, Belgium / Rotterdam, The Netherlands /  Tunis, Tunisia ) we guarantee our certification is endorsed by reputable official learning institutions. In some markets, our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt curriculum has been officially recognized a postgraduate degree (The Netherlands / Belgium). 

Upon completion of our course, the certified Lean Six Sigma professionals can provide a valuable contribution to organizations almost immediately.  As for them our certification adds significant value to their employability and is often an important boost in their career opportunities.