Lean Six Sigma for Executives

  • Learn how to champion Lean Six Sigma

  • Benefit from peer-to-peer interaction with like-minded individuals

  • This course was built upon a foundation of 16 years of experience in Lean Six Sigma management

  • Certificate awarded by Rotterdam School of Management and The Lean Six Sigma Company

Lean Six Sigma for Executives

The Lean Six Sigma Company and Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) proudly present the Lean Six Sigma for Executives  programme. The Lean Six Sigma for Executives programme is an exclusive course, aimed at professionals in managerial positions who are involved in setting policy and making organizational decisions, and wish to distinguish their organisation by implementing the tested and proven Lean Six Sigma process improvement methodology.

Focus on the managerial aspects

While Lean Six Sigma is widely implemented in countless organisations across the globe, more often than not there is a distinct lack of emphasis on the management aspects that are essential to its success. The link between organisational objectives, financial targets and costs and the implementation of continuous improvement initiatives is then glossed over, and what remains is the knowledge of a process, but limited know-how on how to put it into practice, let alone improve it.

Become the driving force of change within your organisation

This programme will prepare you to successfully introduce, implement and sustain Lean Six Sigma benefits within your organisation. By assuming the roles of the Lean Six Sigma Champion and Sponsor, you will be able to achieve this.
Much like Jack Welch, Bill Smith and Taiichi Ohno were to their respective organisations, you too will learn to become the driving force of change in your organisation.

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) is one of Europe’s top 10 business schools, helping students, academics and people in business become a force for positive change.

For whom is this programme intended?

This course is intended for executives who wish to utilize Lean Six Sigma as a vessel for change and improvement within their organization, and are prepared to embrace a guiding role in this process. 

Lean Six Sigma is not limited to any particular field of expertise, and can be applied throughout a wide range of industries, ranging from the service industry to logistics and manufacturing

Lean Six Sigma for Executives

The Lean Six Sigma course for Executives - To be released soon...

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7 Benefits to Executives and Senior Management

1. Bring structure to your organisation’s processes

Lean Six Sigma offers a structured methodology that will help you move from ad hoc problem-solving to a structured way of working, aimed at improving the efficiency and effectivity of your processes and eradicating all wasteful activities which do not contribute to your organisational goals.

2. Improve manageability

By improving insight into your organisation’s processes you will also gain more control over them, and improve both your ability to oversee and manage the processes on the shop floor and the people for whom you hold responsibility.

3. Accommodate organisation-wide communication

By implementing the Lean Six Sigma methodology you will open up communication lines between different departments and layers of organisation. Through effective People Management you will be able to increase commitment and cooperation throughout the organisation as an effective People Manager and improve synergy throughout the entire organization.

4. Measure performance

Lean Six Sigma will help you measure performance as determined by the Voice of the Customer, allowing you to set realistic, effective performance indicators that are grounded in unshakable facts and statistics, rather than formulated on a whim.

5. Customer-focus

Implement a customer-focused mindset throughout your organisation, aimed at meeting customer demands, and looking at their processes from the perspective of your customers.

6. From firefighting to continuous improvement

Move from a ‘firefighting’ mindset to a ‘Growth Mindset’, where everything you do is aimed at continuously improving your processes, and stimulate this same mindset throughout all layers of organisation so you can achieve this together.

7. Establish strategic direction through Programme Management

Set up a Programme Management Office from which you can oversee and direct all Lean Six Sigma initiatives within your organisation, and maintain central control.


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