kano model

The KANO-model

One thing is for sure and that is that the KANO-model is not a misspelling of the word canoe. It is something completely different, namely a model designed by Noriako Kano in the ‘80s. The KANO-model is an important part of the Lean Six Sigma methodology. In its core, that methodology is about understanding and […]

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Measurement System Analysis

Measurement System Analysis

Basic Principles of Measurement It’s an argument can be made for asserting that quality begins with measurement. Only when quality is quantified can meaningful discussion about improvement begin. Conceptually, measurement is quite simple: measurement is the assignment of numbers to observed phenomena according to certain rules. Measurement is a sine qua non of any science, […]

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lean six sigma stories

Lean Six Sigma Stories

Our mission is to train the largest possible group of Lean Six Sigma specialists and let them excel in their organization. To let those Lean Six Sigma specialists contribute to the best organizations, we help them get the necessary skills and a nice CV. What we do does not remain unseen. That is why we […]

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Lean Six Sigma and Safety in the era of Covid 19.

Africa, unlike the other continents not been touched dramatically as the other countries; Nevertheless, we should be very careful as the covid 19 virus is spreading very fast around the world. and as we are not yet immune to this virus, “Safety” is more and more the center of all the effort made by Companies, […]

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