All our online courses are provided by our EduTech sister company: The Productivity Company. Courses are designed in close collaboration with The Lean Six Sigma Company.

Lean Six Sigma distance learning

Governments all around the world are encouraging social distancing and working remotely as a solution to stem the tide and allow for the Corona pandemic to pass as quickly and safely as possible.

As an international provider of professional Lean Six Sigma education, we too would like to do our part in facilitating remote learning options.  

Our EduTech sister, The Productivity Company, has already provided online courses to 8000+ participants and now also offers our most popular courses as fully functional online courses.

Purchasing the online courses

To purchase the online Lean Practitioner, Green Belt or Black Belt course at 10% discount, please contact us for more information.

Upon purchase, you will receive a coupon code with which you can gain access to your course. The course can be found on our online learning partner website ‘The Productivity Company’ at

You can download instructions on how to access your courses below. These instructions will also be sent to you after purchasing the course.

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E-learning as an ideal solution
For several years now, we have been hard at work with our sister company and online learning platform ‘The Productivity Company’, to build quality online courses on specific subjects within the Lean Six Sigma methodologies to further flesh out our curriculum and offer additional learning to those interested.

Because this has been a work in progress for some time now, we are happy to be able to offer an e-learning alternative for our classroom courses. All of the course content and materials have been made available in The Productivity Company’s online learning format, allowing for a quick and effective transfer of knowledge at the learner’s own pace.

Blended remote learning and post-corona follow-up
This online training can be supplemented by remote contact with our expert tutors which can be planned on an individual basis, or in the form of group-based webinars. These options are available at no extra charge, and can be considered as a valuable, albeit optional, component of the online curriculum.

After completing the online course, participants can conduct a practical assignment / project which includes one-on-one coaching by your Master Black Belt. This coaching is provided at an extra cost.

For more information on our remote learning possibilities, please feel free to contact us.